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Ernest Hemingway in East Africa, circa 1947

"I wouldn`t like to be an actor if I could only be real. I like to get wild"

Charade (1963)
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Schindler’s List (1993)

When Steven Spielberg chose Liam Neeson to play Oskar Schindler in his all‑important new film, Schindler’s List, he told him, “I’m going to give you the best introduction in a movie that any actor ever had.” And he has.

In the establishing shots, you watch, from the back, a tall man dressing for dinner with meticulous care. You see a hand reaching for a pair of gold cufflinks. An enamel swastika is pinned to a satin lapel. Cut to a club where the maitre d’ approaches eagerly and leads him to a table. As the camera swings around for the first time, revealing the handsome face of Oskar Schindler, he is smiling knowingly at the available woman at the next table. (x)

The story of the Titanic is very personal to each person who hears it, almost like a biblical story. This giant ship, all these people in the middle of the ocean, this iceberg, the warnings. What would it have been like to be there on that fateful night? 

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Marcello Mastroianni in Federico Fellini’s 8½ on the official poster for Cannes 2014, designed by Hervé Chigioni and Gilles Frappier.

8½ played in the Official Selection at Cannes in 1963.


every day is a day closer to eurovision 2014

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Track: West Coast
Artist: Lana Del Rey
Album: Ultraviolence

Lana Del Rey | West Coast (Official 1st single from the upcoming album Ultraviolence, stream it on VEVO to help the song on the charts)

Original Caption: American actor Montgomery Clift, as Prof. James Bower, lights a cigarette in front of a huge abandoned building in a scene from the movie The Defector, by Belgian director Raoul Lévy, 1966.

Blade Runner (1982)


Bob Dylan

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Spike Jonze in the 1990’s